This training has two main objectives:

  1. propose a course on the various technical notions to be acquired, through the modules provided by the regulations (click to see: Syllabus with number of pages),
  2. make available a series of quizzes to immerse the student in the real conditions of the exam that he/she will have to take at the Part-147 center.

We remind you that :

    • in FRANCE, the PART 66 license is the official European document issued by OSAC (Organisme pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation Civile) under the authority of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency),
    • in each European country, the Civil Aviation Authority has been delegated,
    • outside Europe, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) is directly involved.

    The Part 66 license is mandatory for mechanics who deliver the APRS (Approval for Return to Service) on aircraft in commercial transport companies,  and allows the aircraft (Airplane or Helicopter) to resume its flying activity after a structural or engine repair.

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