The following coursewares provide access to the different contents  of the courses for the different categories of the EASA PART-66 license, namely:
Category A1: Turbine aeroplane,
Category A2: Piston aeroplane,
Category A3: Turbine helicopter,
Category A4: Piston helicopter,
Category B1.1: Turbine aeroplane,
Category B1.2: Piston aeroplane,
Category B1.3: Turbine helicopter,
Category B1.4: Piston helicopter,
Category B2: Instruments & avionics,
Category B3: Light aeroplane.
All basic examinations shall be carried out using the
multi-choice question format.
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Basic Examination Standard

Bank of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):
AeroGATES and Cybel have developed a complete bank of
 MCQs  in accordance with the PART-66 regulations.
This material is mandatory to prepare the examinations and controls.

Our Offer with this platform:

To prepare you for the exam, you have several different quizzes to test you on each course module.

The duration of use of each quiz is limited in time in accordance with the regulations, in order to simulate the exam that you will take to obtain the license of the category you are aiming for.

At the end of each quiz session, you will be able to access the commentary of each MCQ giving explanations on the correct answer.