1. Climate change and energy transition in the context of MRO activities

The greenhouse effect is an ancient and vital phenomenon that is accentuated by human activities. However, the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases is the source of an additional greenhouse effect that causes global warming.

This concentration is largely due to the consumption of fossil fuels, which various national and international policies are working to reduce in order to promote a decrease in carbon emissions.

The future of our planet, with the objective of achieving carbon neutrality and halting climate degradation, requires a sober society and the empowerment of all stakeholders. All issues are interdependent: energy, waste, air quality, preservation of resources, product durability, etc.

In the context of MRO activities and in order not to suffer from economic decarbonization, it is necessary :
•    to anticipate the evolution of the demand for manpower in the field of maintenance,
•    to propose new means of training and maintaining skills.

Promoting repairs and maintenance to extend the life of aeronautical products is part of the necessary energy, climate, economic and social transition.

What offers to meet the demand for new jobs in the MRO business?

The proposals are, for the most part, classic training and education offers in Part-147 centers.