5. the reason for our e-training proposal

In order to decarbonise the "aeronautical maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)" sector, it is necessary to act on the repair and replacement processes of parts and systems, but it is also possible to limit the travel of personnel in training.

With our e-training platform we add to the offers of the Part-147 companies a possibility of remote training and practice on the theoretical and examination parts of the course (quiz with MCQ and questions development) in accordance with the regulations.
We are well aware that the training of a maintenance technician requires not only theoretical training, but also training in the laboratory and in the workshop in order to acquire the reflexes and skills that are essential for maintenance jobs.

Nevertheless, the possibilities of digitalisation are avenues of reflection which are in line with the objective of respecting the requirements of CSR and in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development (sustainability) and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Thus this e-training allows :
•    pedagogical autonomy: distance learning allows the training to be used in the workplace or in any other quiet place at your convenience,
•    direct and punctual consultation of the course modules,
•    training (repeatable ad infinitum during your subscription) by MCQ and by essay questions under the duration conditions of the real exam,
•    access to comments and corrections at the end of mock exams for each course module (assessment of knowledge and additional learning).