4. Decarbonization and the carbon assessment

To meet the demands of sustainable development and CSR and with the objective of carbon neutrality in 2050, MRO companies must work to decarbonise their activity.

Today in France, a carbon assessment is mandatory for companies with more than 500 employees.
The carbon footprint consists of two main deliverables:
1) the calculation of the organisation's greenhouse gas emissions
2) the definition of actions to reduce emissions over time

It should enable a company to :
•    structure the climate strategy as part of its CSR policy
•    identify concrete actions to reduce emissions and thus the overall impact
•    assess its vulnerability to climate change.

It is therefore clear that the objective of the carbon footprint is to help decarbonise (reduce greenhouse gas emissions) products, processes and customer experiences, now and in the future. This translates into minimising the carbon footprint of activities, both in terms of initial training, ongoing training, employee travel and the flow of replaced parts.

This approach is therefore part of the sustainability measures that are essential.

The carbon credits (i.e. the tonnes of carbon equivalent saved by the company) can be sold on the voluntary offset market.

How do I sell my carbon credits?
The "CO2 account" is the only system that allows an individual or a company to receive carbon credits. These carbon credits are awarded when there is a reduction in CO2 emissions in the building and transport sectors.
By opening your CO2 Account, you can calculate your CO2 emissions from your home and your cars. If you reduce these emissions, you will receive your carbon credits directly into your account. For example, if you replace a conventional car with an electric car, you avoid emitting about two tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, and you therefore receive a credit of 89.20 euro-green on your CO2 Account.
You can then spend this 89.20 euros in any shop with your CO2 Card. It couldn't be easier! The carbon credits are converted into a currency dedicated to the fight against climate change.
This CO2/euro conversion is possible thanks to companies that voluntarily offset their emissions by buying your CO2 reductions.